Roser Sales Noguera, currently lives and works in Barcelona although most of her artistic life has been spent in the United Kingdom, Spain and the United States.  She attended and later taught at Winchester School of Art (Southampton University) and she teaches courses at Manhattan Graphics and Robert Blackburn Studio in New York City, and in her studio in Barcelona.

She holds a degree in Fine Arts (University of Barcelona) and has focused her art on printmaking and drawing. Her work is closely linked to nature, to which she feels bound. She uses  it as her principal theme of reference.

She seeks «The highest expression of those intense, sublime, intimate moments when everything is still.»

In her own words «This is the reason why I admire the romantic German artist Caspar David Friedrich (18th century), for whom nature is a world of sentiments and expression. I am also motivated by  the Lands Art movement (20th century), specially the British version, which is not too dramatic and yet not that far removed from the romantic vision- For them, too, art is based on communion with the landscape, which becomes a part of their work, even a physical part, as in the works of artists like Andy Goldsworthy, Hamish Fulton or Tony Cragg, among others.

«Looking back, I am also inspired by mediaeval artists such as Giotto or Lorenzetti (my favourite), who depict their landscapes (even in religious paintings) as a great symbol or stage that helps to explain the grandeur of a moment in time.»

«Through my artistic research, which is not based on realism or naturalism, my aim is to express that moment, and to do this, one must observe.»