General courses

The Roser Sales workshop offers the following courses on a regular basis:

Beginner’s course in Printmaking
This course is intended for persons who have no previous knowledge or experience of printmaking, or those who need a refresher course on this technique. It explains the basic direct techniques such as drypoint and the use of acids, such as etching and all its variants, with resins and sugar.   The aim is to teach students the basic techniques in order for them to be able to work on their own afterwards.

Additive techniques
Direct technique, without acids, ideal for persons who are more «pictorial» in their approach and enjoy working with a paintbrush. The course teaches students about an infinite world of textures and methods, and the use of different materials.  Students are taught how to make the plates and their peculiar inking method.  No previous knowledge of printmaking is necessary.

Colour and inking
This course explains how one plate can be inked in different ways, to give a wide variety of results and how to treat the colour, rollers templates, and stencilling (pochoir), china colle. A basic knowledge of printmaking is necessary.

Beginner’s course in silkscreen
This course teaches all the steps that are necessary in the silk-screening process: manual and photographic photoliths, preparation of the screens, emulsifying and developing, printing on different supports (paper, cloth, plastic...), and finally, recuperating the screens. No previous knowledge of silkscreen is necessary. The aim is to give artists the necessary know-how to create their own works  afterwards.

Fotogravure / Polymer plates

This is one course ho combines photography images & traditional etching.We will "Etch" the plates with cliches/transparencies, developing the image on the plate, and then print on paper. You will learn all the proces, how to make the cliches, develope & print . No required experience either on photography or printmaking .

Non Toxic printmaking/ Electrolitic proces

You will learn how to ecth one metal plate without using acids.We will learn all the proces, how to prepare the especial bath, proces the plate & print. No experience required.

*The workshop also offers the use of its premises and is open to proposals from artists who wish to give special courses on artistic techniques.  

If  you would like to make a proposal or are interested in attending a course, please contact Roser Sales.